The Mathis Blackstock, M.D. Memorial Endowment

Photo of Dr. Matt BlackstockWe said goodbye to our beloved friend and mentor, Dr. Matt Blackstock, on July 3, 2012. Although Matt is no longer walking the halls of the clinic that bears his name, he remains a gentle strength and presence for so many who were blessed to have known him.

He inspired generations of young physicians in how he cared for his patients: listening with genuine interest and empathy to their stories and sharing many of his own. As one alumni noted, Dr. Blackstock “mastered the art of truly ‘being’ in the present and giving another his undivided attention.”

As you may know, Dr. Blackstock was the quintessential life-long learner and modeled this in his clinical practice and as a family medicine teacher.

Matt remained actively involved in the residency program until just before his death. In fact, he was scheduled to give a lecture on facing a terminal illness just two weeks before his passing.

Dr. Blackstock enjoyed teaching and learning; a recent graduating class honored his dedication to education with a playful caricature of Matt with a “100% Conference Attendance Award.” He had a kind sense of humor and always had gentle words of wisdom and encouragement for patients, staff, residents and faculty alike.

He leaves a tremendous legacy in the many wonderful physicians whom he mentored in their evolution as physicians and leaders in their communities.

The faculty, residents and graduates of our program hope to continue to honor his memory through our practice of medicine and in our reflection of the values Dr. Blackstock practiced every day: those of compassion, empathy and advocacy, particularly for the most vulnerable members of our community.

So, how do you honor the life of such a remarkable man?

We could think of no better way to celebrate Dr. Blackstock’s contributions to family medicine than by creating a memorial endowment in his name to benefit the Family Medicine Residency Program. Through this endowment, you will be able to honor Matt and ensure his legacy will live on for many years to come.

As a testament to how much Dr. Blackstock was loved and respected, 100% of the family medicine faculty have already pledged to the endowment, along with many members of our family of residents and community physicians who have or will be supporting the endowment. With your gift, we can honor the life and legacy of Dr. Blackstock.

Please join your fellow physicians and members of the community and make a gift today to The Mathis Blackstock, M.D. Memorial Endowment.

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